It just makes sense ...

Today, more and more people are choosing to plan their funerals in advance.  We find that there are three basic reasons why our families think this makes sense.

You can relieve an emotional burden from those you love.  By being able to make sound decisions in advance, without stress, you can free your loved ones from this responsibility.  This allows them to concentrate on supporting each other, rather than being asked to make major decisions at a very emotional time.

You can express your own wishes.  Often families are confused about what is proper.  They may agonize over what you would have wanted.  By selecting your options in advance, there is no doubt.  And, you can even change your mind later, if you wish.

You can relieve the financial burden from those you love.  If you also choose to handle the funding of your funeral in advance, we have plans that will assure that your survivors will never have to pay additional funds for the services and merchandise you selected.

Pre-planning your own funeral makes sense because you take full control of your future now, while saving your family the difficult decisions and the awkward issues of not knowing exactly what you may have wanted. Pre-planning allows you to talk with your family and lets you share your wishes, eliminating the emotional turmoil and burdensome decisions. For those uncomfortable in a funeral home setting we also provide in home calls to pre-plan.

When preplanning your or your loved one’s funeral you may also want to consider pre-paying for the funeral. Pre-paying allows you to pay for the funeral at today’s price. Your money is placed in a secured individual account that earns interest guaranteed to keep up with inflation. You can pre-pay for the funeral all at once or choose to make payments. The account your money is placed in meets Medicaid requirements and has a 30 day money back refund. When you pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral you assure definite arrangements and no other financial decisions need to be made.

We can also assist you if you already own a life insurance policy to pay for your funeral and are trying to get Medicaid. You may need to assign the ownership of the policy over to the funeral home to meet their requirements.

We would enjoy talking to you about the different options available so you can make an informed decision that is right for you and your family. There is no cost or obligation for our services. But most of all there will be no pressure for you to make any decisions until you and your families are completely satisfied that all of your questions and concerns have been answered.

Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home by clicking the button below.  Fill in as much as you are comfortable with and we'd be pleased to meet with you to discuss further.  See the form below for details.

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